17+ Outstanding Computer Desk Ideas Space Saving

17+ Outstanding Computer Desk Ideas Space Saving

Nowadays, having a good computer desk becomes a necessity. Instead of regular desks, many of us look for products that combine comfort, style, and functional aspect. You can create a desk that suits not only your style, but also your needs.

Here are some illustrations to give you a DIY idea.

18 Unique Ideas for Your DIY Computer Desk

Pastel pink desk with drawers

The Pink Computer Desk

This desk may look like regular furniture, but its pastel pink color makes it stand out. You can make it with planks and simple design outlines. Adding several drawers give this desk functionality, and the trim details add charm in a feminine way.

Rustic desk from crates

DIY Computer Desk Suggestion Design: Secondhand Crates or Other Wood Boxes

This desk was made of two crates with different heights. They were cut to create a proper design before joined together. Different crate sizes helped to create dimension in the design. The surface was smoothed out with sandpaper.

A chic, minimalist desk

A Shanty, Chic DIY Computer Desk.

This minimalist wooden desk is perfect for a shabby chic room. The wooden surface was sanded to create a smooth appearance. The grey color is easy to match with any color schemes. This desk does not have additional storage space to create a sleek look.

Computer desk/vanity table combo

 A DIY Computer Desk With Vanity.

This desk may look simple and sleek, with two simple drawers on both sides. However, the middle work surface hides a vanity table that can be opened upward. A mirror was installed behind the desk surface.

Pop-out computer desk

A DIY Computer Desk Made of Timber.

Instead of standing freely on the floor, this desk is built on the wall and can be folded when unused. This desk was made of a used crate, which was easier because you could just cut it into shape. The top part of the crate was cut to create a small bookshelf.

Large wooden desk

 A DIY Computer Desk Made of Wood With Wooden Frames for Legs

This wooden desk has a simple design, but it is wide enough to place two chairs between the legs. The spacious surface minimizes the need for large storage space. Use dense wood such as oak or teakwood to create a sturdy but timeless design.

Old drawer for wall storage space

A DIY Display Case Storage for Your Computer Desk.

Do you have an old desk with a drawer? Take out the drawer and repurpose it as a wall storage space. In this picture, a regular white drawer was repainted with the new design. There were two planks inserted as dividers. The drawer was then inverted and installed on the wall.

Crate desk with a personal touch

An Additional DIY Computer Desk Motivation from Wood

This crate desk used the additional space on the edges to put personal touches, such as toy cars, photos, and trinkets.  The work surface was installed in the middle, so there were raised parts on the edges. These parts also provide privacy.

Floating desk

A DIY Computer Desk for Tiny Rooms

This floating desk is another handy solution for a small room. Instead of a regular desk, you install a plank on a wall using metal bars. It gives a lot of leg room, reduces bulk, and is easy to dismantle.

Cascading crate desks

A Floating, DIY Computer Desk

This crate desk provides two cascading surfaces, perfect if you use a computer with a large monitor. It also provides an additional working surface, so you don’t need to install a drawer.

Red crate desk with the glass surface

A DIY Red Computer Desk

Another crate creation, this desk was polished and painted in red color. The glass panel adds a modern touch and prevent anything slipped between the gaps.

Multipurpose desk set

Wall Placed Desk

This desk set is more complicated, but it provides multiple spaces for your things. The cascading shape is perfect for a small room. A side panel on the left gave extra space to place your motherboard.

Standing Desk

DIY Standing Desk

This standing desk is perfect for the office, especially when you need to search or work quickly. The desk was made of a simple plank with metal bars, and placed on a floor cabinet.

Corner desk

Simple DIY Desk

A corner desk is a great solution to use the glaring space in your room. The working surface was shaped to fit on the corner, with three legs to support it. This is also a good option for small space.

Corner Desk (for L Table)

DIY Computer Case Desk

This corner desk is made to maximize an L-shaped table. This design is perfect if you need to place multiple computers in close distances. The middle desk was made of timber and can be folded when unused.

Simple L-shaped computer desk

I Formed DIY Computer Desk

An L-shaped computer desk is great to maximize space. Two storage spaces adorn both corners. You can get easy access to your stuffs while still be able to work on the large surface.

Desk from multiple materials

Birch as well as Aluminum Desk

This simple but artsy desk was made of multiple materials, such as acrylic sheet, plywood, and stainless steel. The materials were combined to create a simple desk with a unique checkered surface. Perfect if you have a lot of used materials around.

Mini, colorful laptop desk

Mini Laptop Desk DIY

Adorn your small room with this mini, bright laptop desk. The desk has an economical shape, with enough surface for a laptop and several mini objects. Choosing a bright color will make the desk stands out.

These DIY computer desk ideas are not just beautiful, but also practical. You can repurpose old materials or creates and get highly personalized furniture as a result.

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